Mother’s Little Helper

happy mothers day

With Mother’s Day just round the corner, we asked our aesthetic expert Dr Joshua Berkowitz which treatments he would recommend to provide instant results with little downtime – a necessity for busy mums that just want to feel better about themselves. Here’s his top tips:

Botox to make you feel better

Sleep can often be in short supply when you’re a mum and even when you get a good night’s sleep it often isn’t enough to make you look well rested. Botox, or botulinum toxin”, injections are a fantastically effective treatment that take just a few minutes, but produce transforming results.

As well as eradicating worry lines, there have been studies carried out into how Botox can actually relieve stress. This is based on the hypothesis of ‘facial feedback’ – we smile when we are happy, but the act of smiling also makes us more joyous. Similarly, the frowning action itself can generate negativity.

Get back your glow

Winter will probably have done a number on your skin, as the body’s turnover of skin cells slows down and the cruel weather leaves it dehydrated and rough. Busy mums often find it impossible to make the time necessary to take care of their skin, which is where a course of skin peels can be the answer.

Here at Wimpole Aesthetics we offer our London patients a wide range of quick but effective light skin peels that can gently remove dead skin cells to reveal beautifully healthy and glowing skin.

Bring out the big guns

The number one treatment that Dr Berkowitz recommends for instant results and minimal downtime is Pelleve.

Pelleve is a skin tightening and lifting procedure that is particularly effective in reducing mild to moderate facial wrinkles as well as also firming skin on the jaw and neck area. It works by delivering radiofrequency energy deep into the dermal tissue to induce collagen contraction. Results are instantaneous but over time there is a further improvement in skin quality as collagen production is stimulated.

There is minimal downtime as Pelleve is non-invasive, so you can leave our London anti-ageing clinic with no one the wiser. Our patients report positive changes after their first treatment, but we do recommend three to four Pelleve procedures over a number of months for optimal results.

To take advantage of this fantastic treatment, we are offering a course of three full face Pelleve sessions for £999. For more information call 020 7224 2247 and book a Pelleve consultation.