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DIY beauty treatments

Recent technological advances mean that we are seeing more and more at-home high-tech beauty devices, able to deliver professional results that were previously only available in-clinic. Here we take a look at the best gadgets on the market: Skin exfoliation: Microdermabrasion has long been a popular in-clinic treatment, which gently exfoliates the top layer of […]

Sinclair Method for alcohol addiction

GPs now to order liver scans for ‘heavy drinkers’

News was recently released just before Christmas that the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) are considering a new measure to tackle ‘harmful drinking’. Women who drink more than 35 units a week and men who drink more…
male cosmetic surgery

Robbie Williams makes male cosmetic treatments acceptable

Robbie Williams’ return to pop last month saw him being typically outspoken and it was in his appearance on the Graham Norton’s show that he admitted that he has had several cosmetic surgery procedures as well as a regular routine of non-surgical…

Festive beauty: look your best this party season

Want to shine this party season? The first step is to make sure your skin is in the best possible condition, but we all know how quickly late nights and too much booze leave us with a less than glowing complexion. Here’s how we keep our London…
skin rejuvenation London

Is it possible to de-age your skin?

Our skin is the biggest giveaway of how well we are ageing; when we are younger our skin looks firm, elastic and well-hydrated, all of which stems from the presence of collagen fibres in the skin. Collagen is thought to account for 75 to 80%…