What do our patients want? Top 5 aesthetic procedures

What do our patients want? Top 5 aesthetic procedures

A recent survey carried by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery identified our top aesthetic concerns. Over 7,000 adults were interviewed and asked to rank exactly what bothers them about their appearance and the good news is that, with advances in technology, there’s a non-surgical solution for each concern that can deliver fantastic results with minimal downtime.

1. Excess weight 83%

It’s not surprising that this is the number one concern; the World Health Organisation has predicted that in the UK 74% of men and 64% of women will be overweight by 2030. Although this is not a procedure that is suitable for patients that are very overweight or obese, VASER liposuction is a fantastic option for those men and women that are troubled with a small pockets of excess weight, such as the muffin tops or saddlebags.

2 Lines, wrinkles around and under the eyes 73%

These lines that appear in the upper third of the face are often the first visible signs of the ageing process. They are called dynamic wrinkles because they are formed by the movement of the muscles underneath the skin and the eyes are key to many of our facial expressions.

These dynamic wrinkles respond very well to Botox. The botulinum toxin is injected into minute quantities, temporarily freezing the nerves that instruct these muscles to move. The skin is smoothed while you still retain natural expression and movement in the face.

3. Submental/neck fat 73%

Commonly known as a double chin, the submental fat pocket is located directly below the chin and can be present even in very slim men and women due to genetic predisposition. Available at our central London aesthetic clinic, VASER liposuction is gentle enough to be used to remove excess fat under the chin, but if there is lax skin present it is important that this is also addressed or the defined contours of the neck and jawline will not be restored.

Pelleve uses radiofrequency energy, delivered deep into the dermis, to induce collagen contraction without any risk of damage to the delicate skin of the neck area. Collagen production is also stimulated so the appearance of the skin will continue to improve over time.

4. Skin texture and/or discoloration 71%

Fixing a line here or wrinkle there can only do so much; clear, glowing skin is an important marker of youth. We have a range of minimally invasive, but highly effective treatments that can rejuvenate the skin, greatly improving skin quality. These range from chemical peels and mesotherapy to energy-based devices such as Secret RF.

Secret RF delivers radiofrequency energy into the target area using micro-needles. This allows us to distribute energy where it can stimulate collagen production without causing any damage to the surface of the skin.

5. Lines, wrinkles and/or folds in the mid-face, around the cheeks, mouth 67%

As we age we lose volume in the mid-face, causing folds to appear around the nose and mouth. A facelift aims to correct this, but for those unwilling or not yet ready to have a surgical procedure, there are a number of non-surgical options. Temporary dermal fillers in the cheek area can restore lost volume or we have a number of devices that can lift the skin, tightening at the same time.

The survey also asked respondents to identify why they wanted to have an aesthetic procedure to correct these perceived ‘flaws’. The general consensus was that they wanted more confidence and to look and feel the very best for their age. So, if you share these concerns, call 020 7224 2247 to arrange a consultation at our central London aesthetic clinic.