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Sexual Health Overview


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Comprehensive Sexual Health Services

At Wimpole Aesthetics, we can assist you with a variety of sexual health issues at our walk in clinic in London.

All client information is kept 100% confidential at our sexual health clinic. We look forward to helping you overcome your particular problems and worries.

You may have anxieties about your sexual wellness either because of some current signs or symptoms that you have recently noticed or because of past sexual behaviour. You may want a sexual health check because you are entering a new relationship.

We understand the importance of sexual health and offer a range of comprehensive services to address your needs. Our private sexual health clinic is committed to providing confidential testing, screenings, and treatments in a discreet and comfortable environment. With a team of experienced healthcare professionals, we prioritise your well-being and ensure that you receive the highest standard of care.

We have a relationship with The Doctors’ Laboratory and are able to arrange any sexual health check required in Wimpole Street.

The Importance of Sexual Health

Maintaining good sexual health is vital for overall well-being and quality of life. Regular sexual health check-ups can help detect and prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs), identify any underlying conditions, and address concerns related to sexual function. By prioritising sexual health, you can take proactive steps towards a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

What We Test For

Our sexual health clinic offers a comprehensive range of tests and screenings to address various concerns and ensure a thorough evaluation. Some of the conditions we can test for include:

  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes, and HIV/AIDS. 
  • Blood tests to check for hepatitis B and C, as well as other blood-borne infections.
  • Urine tests to detect common STIs and assess kidney function.
  • Screening for cervical cancer through Pap smears or HPV tests.
  • Assessment of hormonal imbalances and fertility-related concerns.

What Does Getting Started with Us Look Like?

When you visit our sexual health clinic, you can expect a confidential and non-judgmental environment. Our healthcare professionals will discuss your concerns, conduct a thorough assessment, and recommend appropriate tests or screenings based on your individual needs. We understand the sensitive nature of sexual health matters, and your privacy and comfort are our top priorities.

Our team will guide you through the testing process, explain the significance of each test, and ensure that you understand the results. In the event of a positive diagnosis, we provide personalised treatment plans, including medication, counselling, and ongoing support.

Why Choose Us

Experience and Expertise

At Wimpole Aesthetics, we have a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals with extensive experience in sexual well-being. Our experts are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care, utilising their expertise to address your concerns and guide you through your sexual health journey.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We understand the sensitive nature of sexual health matters, and we prioritise your confidentiality and privacy. Our private sexual health clinic ensures a discreet environment where you can discuss your concerns openly and receive confidential testing and treatment. We adhere to strict confidentiality protocols to protect your personal information.

Comprehensive Services

Our sexual health clinic offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific needs. From testing and screenings for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to addressing fertility concerns and hormonal imbalances, we provide a holistic approach to sexual health. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough evaluation and personalised treatment plans tailored to your individual circumstances.

Continued Support and Aftercare

We are committed to supporting you throughout your sexual health journey. Our team will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions, follow-up appointments, and ongoing support as needed. We believe in building long-term relationships with our patients, ensuring that you receive the necessary care and guidance at every step.

Our Founder and Medical Director Dr Berkowitz along with Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner, Dr Hammer have over half a century of collective experience which is what makes the Wimpole Aesthetics’ no-risk policy successful.

What Does Getting Started With Us Look Like?

If you’ve been considering an aesthetic treatment to rejuvenate your skin or reshape your body, then the first step is to get in touch with the clinic to arrange a consultation with our medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz or one of his team, depending on your requirements.

Call us on 0207 224 2247 or email us on info@wimpoleaesthetics.co.uk to arrange your consultation.

The consultation is an essential part of the patient journey as it gives us the opportunity to discuss your objectives and the outcome you’re hoping to achieve. We will talk you through the procedure or treatment plan, clearly explain any possible risks and the results you can expect, as well as answer all of your questions.

Procedures at Wimpole Aesthetics are carried out under the direction of our medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz and his team. We aim to deliver practical, safe and effective medical aesthetic alternatives to cosmetic surgery whilst always respecting a patient’s privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

Our care and support continues after you leave the clinic. You are provided with comprehensive aftercare advice appropriate to the treatment you have received and we welcome patients getting in touch if they have any questions regarding their experience and results.

At Wimpole Aesthetics, we provide a wide variety of medical treatments and non-surgical rejuvenating procedures in the field of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. Our medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz stays abreast of the latest developments in this field, but always ensures that any treatment we offer can deliver safe and effective results.

We love to hear our patients tell us that we have the feel of a local clinic right in the heart of London’s medical district.

Dr Josh Berkowitz - Medical Doctor

Dr. Josh, a respected figure in cosmetic health, oversees various treatments and personally trains his staff. Known for honest assessments and a risk-minimizing approach, he believes in tailoring treatments to individual needs, not cost. He strongly opposes cosmetic tourism, advocating for responsible patient care over leaving aftercare to hotel staff.

Dr Natalie Hammer

Dr. Natalie Hammer, a GMC-registered doctor and Aesthetic specialist from the USA, boasts 14 years of medical experience, with eight years dedicated to aesthetic medicine. Armed with a medical degree and a bachelor’s in Biology, she moved to Europe in 2011. Completing her medical residency at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta through an NHS-sponsored programme, she transitioned into Emergency medicine and later served as a general practitioner at a private hospital.

The length of any sexual health treatments is entirely specific to the individual and we will discuss this at the consultation.

The frequency of STI testing depends on various factors such as sexual activity, multiple partners, and personal risk factors. We recommended consulting a healthcare professional who can assess your individual situation and provide appropriate guidance on the ideal testing frequency.

Common symptoms of STIs may include genital itching, discharge, pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, unusual odours, sores, bumps, or rashes in the genital area. However, it is important to note that many STIs can be asymptomatic, and regular testing is necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

To protect yourself from STIs, it is important to practice safe sex, which includes consistent and correct use of condoms, regular testing, and open communication with your sexual partners. It is also recommended to discuss STI prevention strategies with your healthcare professional.

Yes, sexual health problems can sometimes be a sign of underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalances, or neurological disorders. Consulting with our healthcare professionals can help identify any potential underlying issues.

What our patients say

Natalie and Dr Josh have been incredible in boosting my confidence and my skin! They truly listen and deliver 100% natural results every time. Natalie is completely honest, professional, has integrity and that’s why I trust her fully. Wimpole clinic have a much greater range of cutting edge treatments beyond anti wrinkle treatment that have resulted in my skin improving with age. It’s mad but true. They always assess what is right for my face and my skin on the day and advise according to what my skin needs. I’ve been going to Wimpole Aesthetics for years now, initially drawn to their incredible IV boosts but am now unable to ever turn back. Class, quality and aesthetic results that are truly worth it!!!

5 star

Dr Josh is a caring and knowledgeable doctor, his consultation is very detailed, he answered all the questions that I am concerned. Dr Natalie did the filler and skin booster, she takes care of me a lot, even after the treatment she still cares about me, I booked the review after two weeks, highly recommended! Btw, they have a Chinese speaking staff so don’t worry if you are not familiar with medical terminology!

5 star

An unpretentious practice. Approachable team with honest, friendly advice. Dr Joshua is amazing and I would recommend him to anyone. He doesn’t prioritise making money like other practices- he will tell you honestly whether you need treatment or not. Acting on clients best interests and well being.

5 star

Wonderful experience. Dr Natalie is very experienced and honest. Loved my treatments with her. Fantastic results. Highly recommend her and this clinic.

5 star

I have suffered adult acne for many years and after trying many options I was recommend I visit Dr Natalie and I’m so grateful I did! I’m currently on roaccutane and have had two facials with her. Such amazing changes in my skin. She has a wonderful bedside manner and has made this whole process wonderful. I sincerely cannot recommend Dr Natalie enough. Also very central clinic so makes before/after work apts very easy! 10/10

5 star

Very professional and very friendly environment, with knowledge doctors and Nurses. I would definitely recommend them, went there with my family it was a great experience.

I would highly recommend !!

5 star

I have been living with scarring above my upper lip, as a result of electrolysis treatment 25 years ago, in the form of a deep vertical line and small indentations in the skin. I sought help from Wimpole Aesthetics, and from the moment that I entered the small, personal clinic I was totally put at ease and welcomed by the extremely professional and friendly team. I received a course of Mesotherapy and Dermapen treatment and am absolutely delighted with the results. I had almost given up on ever having smooth line-free skin above my upper lip again. I highly recommend letting Wimpole Aesthetics take care of you.

5 star

Having lived in Australia for over 10 years, my skin had suffered mild sun-damage and had developed a lot of discolouration on my face in particular. Also, as I approached the age of 40, I noticed a lot of wrinkles appearing! I decided to have Microdermabrasion treatment and the improvements after just 3 treatments were extremely encouraging. I have booked a further 2 treatments in coming months and I am so excited about seeing further benefits to the look and texture of my skin.

5 star

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