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    We combine our years of surgical and medical experience, technology and access in our clinic to offer you the best advice through skin and mole analysis.


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Skin Tag and Mole Analysis Overview


    15 minutes to an hour


    Local anaesthetic is injected to numb the area




    Scars will take a few months to fully fade


    1 treatment session required with moles being sent for lab analysis if necessary

  • Quick and effective painless treatment with a short recovery time
  • Removal using exceptional electrolysis and surgical methods 
  • Suitable for all skin types – both men and women
  • Free bespoke skincare consultation from skilled aestheticians

Skin tags and moles on the face and body are extremely commonplace. The majority of moles are benign (i.e. medically harmless and non-cancerous) and cause no lasting harm. However, some may become a problem when they are itchy, large or raised. Over time, irritation occurs with moles and skin tags as they rub or catch onto clothing or change shape, size, and colour.

Moles can also impact your everyday grooming tasks, like shaving or applying make-up, gradually making it difficult over time.

If you’re thinking of having your skin tags or moles removed for aesthetic or practical reasons, then our bespoke treatment could be the answer. Pave your way to smooth and radiant skin.

The Procedure

Skin tag and mole removals are very simple procedures.

The area around the unwanted skin tag or mole is thoroughly cleansed and made clinically sterile before a local anaesthetic injection is administered around the mole.

When the area is completely numb, the mole or skin tag is gently removed using the appropriate surgical or electro-cautery instrument depending on their size. A sterile dressing may be applied before you feel ready to leave the clinic.

With every procedure, we make sure to minimise any scarring that occurs from the removal. Wimpole Aesthetics are specialists in skin and mole analysis and in the removal of moles and skin tags. We take everything into consideration when delivering your treatment, including any health and medical concerns.

What Does Getting Started With Us Look Like?

If you’ve been considering getting a skin tag or mole removed, get in touch with us today and arrange a consultation with our medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz or one of his team.

Call us on 0207 224 2247 or email us on info@wimpoleaesthetics.co.uk to arrange your consultation.

The consultation is an essential part of your skin tag or mole removal journey as it gives us the opportunity to discuss your objectives and the outcome you’re hoping to achieve. We will talk you through the procedure, clearly explain any possible risks and the results you can expect, as well as answer all your questions.

Skin tag and mole removals at Wimpole Aesthetics are carried out under the direction of our experienced medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz and his skilled team. We aim to deliver practical, safe and effective medical aesthetic alternatives to cosmetic surgery whilst always respecting a patient’s privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

Following your treatment, our care and support continue after you leave the clinic. Our clinic provides comprehensive aftercare advice and welcomes patients to get in touch if they have any questions regarding their experience and results.

Why Choose Wimpole Aesthetics

At Wimpole Aesthetics, we have been providing skin tag and mole removal procedures in London for over 15 years. Our medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz is committed to staying at the forefront of any developments in this field, but always ensures that any treatment we offer can deliver safe and effective results.

We love to hear our patients tell us that we have the feel of a local clinic right in the heart of London’s medical district.

The time needed for mole (or moles) or skin tag removal is dependent upon their size and position on your body. Mole removal treatment can usually be done within an hour. If there are any concerns about the character of the mole or lesion, it will be sent to the laboratory for a histological examination which will generate a separate lab fee.

There is seldom any pain during and after the procedure due to the skin’s natural ability to heal quickly. Some initial redness or swelling may occur at first, alongside a small scar that will gradually fade. These are all ordinary side effects and shouldn’t be cause for concern.

You will be given any post-procedure medication if needed along with an arranged follow-up visit.

Cost is dependent upon the nature and complexity of the procedure, as well as the time and materials needed to perform the procedure. If you are interested in skin tag or mole removal, we look forward to being of assistance to you.

Book a free complimentary consultation today to discuss your skin tag and mole removal and we’ll help you pave the way to smooth and radiant skin.

What our patients say

I have been living with scarring above my upper lip, as a result of electrolysis treatment 25 years ago, in the form of a deep vertical line and small indentations in the skin. I sought help from Wimpole Aesthetics, and from the moment that I entered the small, personal clinic I was totally put at ease and welcomed by the extremely professional and friendly team. I received a course of Mesotherapy and Dermapen treatment and am absolutely delighted with the results. I had almost given up on ever having smooth line-free skin above my upper lip again. I highly recommend letting Wimpole Aesthetics take care of you.

Having lived in Australia for over 10 years, my skin had suffered mild sun-damage and had developed a lot of discolouration on my face in particular. Also, as I approached the age of 40, I noticed a lot of wrinkles appearing! I decided to have Microdermabrasion treatment and the improvements after just 3 treatments were extremely encouraging. I have booked a further 2 treatments in coming months and I am so excited about seeing further benefits to the look and texture of my skin.

I have nothing but praise for the team at the Wimpole Aesthetic Centre in London. I had been very nervous about having my Smart Lipo treatment last year, however, Dr Berkowitz was highly professional at all times and provided me with great advice and treatment. I was delighted with the results that were achieved during the procedure and it has left me feeling so much more confident about my body. I would certainly recommend the Wimpole Aesthetic Centre to anybody considering this procedure or a similar aesthetic treatment.

I had read about Thermage Skin Rejuvenation in a beauty magazine and decided to do some additional research on the internet. I found the website for Wimpole Aesthetics and contacted them discreetly via their online forms. Within a matter of minutes, I had a response from the receptionist at the clinic and she explained a little more about the procedure. I decided to book a private consultation to see Doctor Berkowitz and a few weeks later I had my skin tightening treatment. It was a great success and I’m so much happier with the general appearance and feel of my skin. The wrinkling around my eyes and on my neck is much improved and, as clichéd as it sounds, I feel years younger.

After years of worry about my “saddlebags”, I found Dr Berkowitz at Wimpole Aesthetics. He was extremely professional, but at the same time extremely friendly and answered all of my questions about the Vaser Lipo procedure. It has been 6 weeks since the procedure and I am so happy with how my body is looking. I also cannot forget to mention his wife Carol and nurses Jackie and Christina – they are brilliant!

I read about the new Vaser Lipo treatment in a men’s magazine and was instantly interested. As Dr Berkowitz was one of the only specialists in the country providing the treatment, it was a natural progression to visit him for a consultation at the Wimpole Aesthetic Centre. I found his advice and knowledge first-class and his staff made me feel very at ease. As such, I went ahead with the treatment and, in the end, a combination of the Vaser Lipo and Smart Lipo techniques were used to treat me. There has been no looking back since and my dream of having a six-pack has finally come true!

I recently had Vaser Lipo on several areas of my body… my stomach, arms and chin. I found the entire process painfree and I am thoroughly enjoying the remarkable improvements to my body shape.

I found that no matter how often I trained or how strictly I dieted, I could not shift the layer of fat around the bottom of my stomach – therefore leaving me with a bulge which I found most unattractive. Not keen on liposuction, I had spent a lot of time researching alternative methods of getting rid of my unwanted fat, and by chance, I stumbled across Vaser Lipo. I booked in for a free consultation with Dr Berkowitz at the Wimpole Aesthetic Centre in London and after a friendly and honest assessment, I went ahead with the treatment. I saw instant results, however, the real changes occurred in the 4 – 12 weeks following the procedure. A huge thanks to all of the staff at the clinic for enabling me to achieve the look and body that I have always wanted!

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