You’d never use Anti Wrinkle Treatment?

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Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Just saying “I’ll age gracefully” sadly doesn’t mean it’s going to happen that way. It certainly shows a great attitude combined with a very optimistic outlook. Let’s hope you’re also blessed with fantastic-looking skin beyond your 40’s, a very healthy diet and lifestyle, plus great genes. There are such lucky people out there, but they are usually few and far between.

Expert ant-ageing help gets it right from the start

It’s evident to a skilled cosmetic medical doctor how your skin is more likely to appear in your late 40’s and 50’s, 60’s and beyond. All it takes is a close examination of your skin plus a consultation to understand of your complete medical history. Then the doctor can predict what will deteriorate and where your first facial lines and wrinkles will appear. The clever patients use this information early enough and start skin rejuvenation treatments to turn back the clock.

For many of us, looking our best at any age is high on our wish list. So it makes good sense to seek an opinion from an anti-ageing expert on what is achievable using the latest developments in cosmetic medical treatments. We’re not talking radical surgery, but rather minimally-invasive and non-permanent facial injectables, such as Botox© and fillers, which can remove fine lines and help you to look refreshed, with an almost instant effect after just one treatment.

Facial injectables are prescription-only

If you want to know how Botox© or dermal filler facial injectables could work on your skin, always book a consultation with a qualified and experienced cosmetic medical doctor like Dr. Joshua Berkowitz of Wimpole Aesthetics in London, who has had additional relevant specialist training in injectables. Although Botox© and non-permanent fillers have proven to be very safe drugs, they are prescription-only medicines and you want to be in the hands of a skilled professional. The other important safety consideration is to ensure your prescribing doctor remains on site whenever the drugs are injected, just in case of a sudden or delayed adverse allergic reaction to the medication prescribed for you.

To some people age really is just a number. If that’s you, you’re one of the lucky ones. You’ll find it interesting to spot the changes in your skin tone and texture. On the other hand, if you find looking back at old photos of you on your wedding day a rather bittersweet experience now, facial injectables could be an easy solution to refresh your appearance.

When we’re in our 40’s more expensive cosmetic products and creams can help to keep the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at bay to some degree. We learn how to disguise and detract from them rather well, with hairstyles that cover telltale “tramlines” on our foreheads, carefully-chosen necklines and accessories to cover any “rings” that appear naturally as the skin on our necks lose their elasticity.

Do you recognise yourself in that description? Then it’s not “vanity” that makes you want to present your best appearance but rather a sense of pride in looking as good as you can, whatever your age. In 2012, a survey of 2000 women in the UK named modern push-up bras on their Top 10 list of the most influential inventions that had changed their lives. Whilst other appearance-enhancing products like Botox and fillers didn’t appear on the list, the same women also voted for the contraceptive pill and the washing machine, indicating it’s perfectly possible to be concerned with your appearance without losing a grip on the realities of modern life!

Safety first with facial injectables

Be aware that “Botox parties” are a really bad idea. Parties usually involve alcoholic drinks and it would be highly unethical and potentially unsafe for any professional to inject you if you were under the influence of alcohol. Similarly, treatment that’s done by beauty therapists, hairdressers, or non-prescribing nurses is dangerous. For your safety’s sake, don’t go there. It’s crucial to ensure that any procedures involving facial injectables are performed by qualified healthcare professionals who have the appropriate training and credentials.

If you’re still keen to knock a few years off your age without going under the knife, then just fib about your age. Tell people you are older than you really are. Then, particularly if you’ve had skin rejuvenation or anti-ageing facial injectables treatments, they’re bound to tell you how youthful and fresh you look! Don’t push it too far, though. Claiming to be “nearly 50” when you’re in your early 40’s is a bit rich and next time your real milestone birthday comes along, you’ll have a hard job knowing whether to celebrate or skirt over it!

But meanwhile, if modern parlance says that 50 is the new “middle age”, it stands to reason that your mid-40s can be the new mid-30s. All you have to do is get the right anti-ageing expertise from the start.

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