Looking great at any age

Looking great at any age

An interesting new take on celebrity’s anti-ageing obsession was recently covered in the Hollywood Reporter. Dubbed ‘Resting Rich Face’, it shone a spotlight on the ever more expensive cosmetic procedures that have become so ‘necessary’ to the stars that spending a staggering “$150,000 to $200,000” a year on upkeep has become the new normal for the rich and powerful in LA.


The article then broke down which treatments a 20-something newcomer is having compared to a screen star in her 60s and it raised an interesting question: which treatments should you be having to look great at any age?

Tweaks for your 20s

A 20-something should not require any invasive or aggressive anti-ageing treatments, as lines should be minimal and faces should still be rounded and youthful. However, more and more men and women are interested in having muscle relaxing injections at this age as a preventative measure. Choosing a skilled and experienced practitioner is a must, though, as a light touch is required to retain natural expression.

Lip augmentations using temporary dermal fillers are also an increasingly popular procedure for younger patients, keen to emulate the new trend for perfect pouts.

Therapies for your 30s

Your 30s should be all about your skin; it is no longer as easy to shrug off long days and late nights and the signs of stress, sun damage and smoking are starting to become more visible in the form of fine lines and dull skin. However, adult acne is becoming an increasingly common problem affecting men and women long after their teenage years.

Investing in a good quality skincare range is essential at this point to promote skin health and stimulate cellular renewal which begins to slow down at this point. Our preferred skincare range is CosMedix which combines the most powerful ingredients found in nature with cutting-edge science to deliver vibrant and radiant skin.

Remedies for your 40s

Although they are often described as the ‘fabulous 40s’, this is often the decade where men and women become dissatisfied with their appearance. Dark circles under the eyes are often a common complaint and they can be very challenging to treat, failing to respond to even the most expensive skin creams, yet too delicate to address with many of the aesthetic treatments available.

At Wimpole Aesthetics we offer two treatments that work in very different ways to produce effective results in the under eye area. Mesotherapy are micro-injections of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and amino acids, that can improve tissue hydration and stimulate collagen production.

Carboxytherapy delivers CO2 gas just under the surface of the skin and the body responds by flooding the treatment area with nutrient-rich blood. In the under eye area it can greatly brighten and firm the skin.

Fixes for your 50s

Sagging skin and loss of definition along the jawline become much more noticeable in your 50s and many patients at our central London aesthetic clinic tell us that they are starting to contemplate a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Many of them do not realise that there are minimally invasive technologies available that are able to tighten the skin, delaying the need for surgery until later on. We offer two different treatments that can provide a non-surgical facelift – Thermage and Pelleve – and our medical director Dr Josh Berkowitz can advise patients as to the most suitable procedure for them and whether it will deliver the results they’re hoping for.

Solutions for your 60s

A woman’s oestrogen levels in later life are a fraction of what they previously had and the importance of this hormone in collagen and oil production means that skin now feels dry and thin, lines have become very deep and pronounced and the structure of the face starts to sag all over.

Thread lifting has been used in aesthetics for many decades, but technological developments have further increased its anti-ageing abilities. The Silhouette Soft works in two very distinct ways to lift and regenerate the face. Firstly, Dr Berkowitz is able to elevate and reshape the tissues when inserting the sutures, providing a beautifully natural lift. Then, the component that is used in the sutures, known as poly L-lactic acid, is gradually absorbed by the body, stimulating the production of collagen. This means that, over time, there is further improvement of results.

Sun damage that may have occurred in your earlier years often now makes its appearance, presenting as dark spots on the cheeks and forehead. Fractional lasers such as the gold-standard SmartXide device can combat these signs of sun damage and greatly improve the general appearance of the skin.