Is a truly natural facelift a possibility

Is a truly natural facelift a possibility?

We are delighted to announce a new treatment at Wimpole Aesthetics. Our medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz believes strongly in staying abreast of the latest innovations in the aesthetic sector and one treatment that is receiving increasing…
In combination (PRP | Botox | Dermal Fillers)

In combination (PRP | Botox | Dermal Fillers)

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We have all heard the truism: we are stronger together than apart. And the same holds true for aesthetic treatments as we take a look at platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP and how powerful and effective it can be when combined with the other…
The French Beauty Secret

The French Beauty Secret

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French women are constantly held up as an ideal of natural, effortless beauty, maintaining a size eight figure despite gorging on croissants and baguettes. But, don't be fooled; it's not that they don't have to work at their appearance, but…
Carboxytherapy: The Fizzy Facelift

Carboxytherapy: The Fizzy Facelift?

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Carboxytherapy is not new – it was developed in France in the 1930s as a therapeutic treatment for serious health conditions – but in recent years it has gained popularity as an aesthetic treatment for both the face and body. Carboxytherapy…
Is Botox Harmful

Botox Under the Spotlight

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A recent scare story in the Daily Mail prompted a flurry of concern about the potential long-term risks of Botox, so we decided to take a closer look at the super toxin that has becomes the world's most popular aesthetic treatment. What is…
Botox for sweating

Can Botox Treat Excessive Sweating

Although it may seem that we are still in the grips of winter, the recent prediction from the Met Office of a scorching Easter, with temperatures hotter than Spain, means that summer is just around the corner. For most of us, the prospect of…
happy mothers day

Mother’s Little Helper

With Mother's Day just round the corner, we asked our aesthetic expert Dr Joshua Berkowitz which treatments he would recommend to provide instant results with little downtime – a necessity for busy mums that just want to feel better about…
anti ageing

The Truth about Youth

There's no doubt that the anti-ageing business is huge. From creams, oils and serums that you can pick up from your local beauty counter to surgical interventions such as the facelift, there is a whole range of products and treatments that promise…

Moles: The Importance of Early Diagnosis

Cancer Research UK recently published a report on the importance of early diagnosis in terms of survival rates. Mike Birtwistle of Incisive Health studied the impact that early diagnosis has in various forms of cancer and found that it is a…