When is the right time to get your mole removed?

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mole removal

Moles are natural, common and generally harmless, but there are a number of reasons why you may wish to consider mole removal.

The chances are you will have had your mole since birth, so at what point should you begin to consider mole removal surgery?

The timing of your surgery will depend on your reasons for having the mole removed in the first place.

If the mole protrudes slightly and is catching on clothing or jewellery

This is a very practical reason for wanting to get rid of a mole. However, if the mole has been cut, or become infected, removal may be more difficult. Consider waiting until the mole is intact before having it removed. If the mole appears to be getting bigger over time, consult your doctor immediately.

If it is in a particularly noticeable place and makes you feel self-conscious

Cosmetic mole removal is extremely common, and extremely successful. Most moles can be removed within one hour under local anaesthetic, and the recovery time is minimal. However, you should not enter into this decision lightly. Your mole is a part of who you are, and once it has been removed, you can’t get it back. Moles go in and out of fashion – just look at Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford. Try to live with it for a while before deciding to have it removed, and take advice from friends, family and your doctor first.

If you have medical concerns about the shape, size and/or colour of the mole

Most moles are harmless, but they can become more problematic if they are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, or if they start to change in shape, size or colour. If your mole is on a part of your body which is normally exposed to the sun, it may be best to take preventative action and have it removed before any issues arise.

Likewise, if your mole has changed in any way but continues to be benign, you may wish to remove it to avoid undue risk and worry in the future.