Telomere Testing

A Testing Time | Telomere Testing UK

Our aim at Wimpole Aesthetics is to always be at the forefront of medical innovation and we firmly believe the field of DNA testing is the future. We already offer DNA Fit testing for our patients and this has been incredibly successful. Taking…
Fight the Flu

Fight The Flu With IV Therapy

The flu season is upon us, but how can we best protect ourselves over the coming winter months? Flu is a serious business and not just a case of colds and sniffles which can put us out of action and feeling miserable; tens of thousands of people…
IV Vitamin Therapy

“Myers’ Cocktail” IV Vitamin Therapy – Infuse vigour into your veins

Myers’ Cocktail IV Vitamin Therapy is a form of functional medicine – it focuses on you as a whole, not just on your symptoms. Pioneered by John Myers, MD, a physician from Baltimore in the USA, the treatment considers the way in which a…