Dr Josh’s Views: The importance of aftercare

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Dr Josh’s Views: The importance of aftercare

Aftercare, in my opinion, is as important as the surgery itself and the ‘success’ of the procedure, in terms of results, can often be directly influenced by the quality of aftercare you are provided with.

There are two aspects to any procedure – the procedure itself and the level of aftercare that is offered to ensure a good result and care for the patient’s requirements and at Wimpole Aesthetics we believe that our aftercare is unrivalled.

Not only does good aftercare speed up your recovery physically, it should support you emotionally. The team at Wimpole Aesthetics is dedicated to the care of our patients and we make sure they feel that they can access that care whenever they need.

Think small, not big

One of our most popular procedures at our central London clinic is VASER, a highly effective body reshaping treatment.

It would be naïve to underestimate how important price is as a factor in the decision to go ahead with surgery. This is why we have seen such a growth in the big cosmetic surgery chains in the UK over recent years. As well as employing the latest reality TV stars to show off the results of their breast enlargement procedures, they also offer what seems to be unbeatable prices.

But, if a price is too good to be true, you know what they say: it usually is. Aftercare is often an area where corners can be cut. After a VASER procedure, for example, I know that some clinics will say, see you in a couple of weeks or a month. We see our patients, on average, approximately three or four times in the first week and at least once a week for the first month.

Everything is tailored to the emotional and physical needs of the individual patient and that includes aftercare. We have had very nervous patients who have requested follow-ups every day for the first ten days after their procedure, which means ten hours of our time, but if that’s their requirements, in terms of their emotional needs, then we provide that.

If you have any questions, whether that be on the treatments we offer or our aftercare package, speak to one of our team on 020 7224 2247.