Wimpole’s Open House Event

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Wimpole’s Open House Event

Wimpole’s Open House Event

We here at Wimpole, are doing something of a dramatic spring clean this year. We are busily comparing colour schemes, and excitedly discussing floor coverings as we prepare to begin our renovations.

As anyone who has built or renovated knows, we’re not exactly sure when it will be done, but we are already planning our ‘big reveal‘ at the end, and stay tuned for progress reports as we go along.

Please let us know if you would like to be invited to the open house event that we will be hosting soon, so that we can show you through our transformed premises, and we can introduce you to the new additions to the business as well.

In the meantime, we will update you with what’s new and how things are progressing.

Let us introduce you to the latest treatments & technology.

Introducing IV Nutient Cocktails

iv detox iv nutrients therapy

IV therapy is an extremely helpful way to address illness and health concerns, and can speed the process of recovery.

Intravenous vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants are used in a variety of combinations to help with many health concerns from fatigue, to chronic infections, allergies and pain. With this safe and effective therapy we can attain levels of nutrient absorption much higher than is possible with foods or supplements.

Because they are do not need to pass through the digestive system, they are not hampered by any digestive complaints, which are very common.

As well as the other complaints already mentioned, IV cocktails can be used to:

  • Boost energy levels – Recharge, rejuvenate and re-energise
  • Increase quality and ease of sleep
  • Help support your body during times of stress, reducing the impact of stress on your system

Introducing the ‘Liquid Facelift’

liquid facelift at Wimpole

The Liquid Facelift is a great new cosmetic medical treatment that involves the injection of very small amounts of botulinim toxin, hyaluronic acid and generous amounts of vitamins into the surface of the skin, refreshing the appearance of the skin and creating that elusive ‘glow’.

The key ingredients all work together to improve and rejuvenate the skin, targeting superficial lines, plumping and hydrating to create a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Why are we so excited about it?

With the Liquid Facelift technique, the botulinim toxin does not paralyse the muscles of the face, like regular botox, which is injected directly into the muscles, does.

However, it helps to relax the skin, which is the key to erasing may types of wrinkles.
It also means that Liquid Facelift can be used to treat many areas that Botox cannot, such as around the mouth.

An added benefit is reduced secretion of oil and sweat from the glands in the skin, resulting in reduced pore size, less oily skin and breakouts in problem skins.

It can also be combined with ‘regular‘ botox or APRP to treat both the deeper, more stubborn wrinkles for a smooth appearance without looking ‘overdone’.

One of the newest treatments in our ‘Anti-Ageing Arsenal’ is called Secret RF.

Secret RF is a new generation device, that takes a proven-effective medical tool, to a completely new level.
In fact, it has combined radio-frequency, and micro-needling into a single treatment, and it really is a case of the sum of the whole being greater than the sum of the individual parts, because the results that happen when you combine the two, are pretty exciting.

The beauty of Secret RF is that the radio frequencies can be delivered precisely to any depth of the epidermis, because the penetration depth of the micro needles can be finely controlled. This means the RF energy is focussed exactly where treatment is needed, thereby preventing damage to any surrounding tissue.

The down-time from this treatment is minimal, compared to other resurfacing treatments, meaning it’s socially much more convenient, and because it’s not a light-based therapy, all skin colours can be treated and the risks of longer term sun sensitivity are significantly reduced too.

Dr Berkowitz highly rates Secret RF, saying “It’s an exciting development in anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine and I’m impressed by how versatile Secret RF can be.”

Secret FR can be used to treat a wide gamut of skin concerns, including loss of elasticity, uneven tone, surface irregularities and sun damage.

Another fantastic feature is that it can be used very effectively to treat hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating under the arms.

All in all, it’s the most exciting secret we’ve heard for a long time!