It’s no secret. Secret RF makes skin rejuvenation easy

Al Maha in Spa Secrets March 2013

A new skin rejuvenation technique is causing quite a stir among patients and cosmetic medical doctors.  First there was Thermage, then came Dermaroller. Now Secret RF has arrived, combining all the best elements of skin micro-needling with a technique to stimulate new collagen under the skin.

Is it any good for skin rejuvenation?

Sam Lewis, Beauty Editor at Spa Secrets magazine, highly rated her experiences of Secret RF treatment at Wimpole Aesthetics skin rejuvenation clinic in London.  She had the treatment to reduce skin pigmentation problems, fine lines and pore size. She said, “A couple of days later my skin is glowing and my pores have diminished. But it’s what’s going on under the surface of my skin that I’m really excited about. Over the next few months, the R(adio) F(requency) energy will stimulate new collagen to plump lines and wrinkles and tighten sagging skin. Who needs a gold facial? This is priceless.”  You can read Sam’s whole review here.

What is it that makes Secret RF so interesting for cosmetic medical doctors too?

Anti-ageing specialists consider Secret RF to be a revolutionary treatment because it’s very versatile and gives great clinical results on skin rejuvenation.  It has been used for the successful treatment of a many different skin conditions and ailments, including:-

  • Sun damage and uneven pigmentation
  • Large pores
  • Acne scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin that has lost elasticity
  • Stimulating new collagen in and under the skin

How does Secret RF (a “fractional ablative radiofrequency” therapy) work?

Using a small handheld device, the doctor delivers radio frequency (RF) energy to a precisely-set depth of the patient’s epidermis, through some exceptionally fine gold-plated micro needles.

Whereas traditional resurfacing lasers worked by burning the surface layer of skin off, revealing fresh skin beneath that then had to heal, Secret RF distributes the RF energy just below the skin. The penetration depth of the micro needles can be finely-controlled by the doctor (with a range of 0.5 cm, right through to 3.5 cm when treating deeper scarring), so the energy can be focussed exactly where treatment is needed, thereby preventing any damage to surrounding tissue.

Does it hurt?

Spa Secrets journalist Sam Lewis reported that the treatment, which took an hour to cover her whole face with tiny pinpricks, made her skin feel “warm and tender”.   Local anaesthetic gel is always applied to the face before any needles penetrate the skin, to make sure the procedure is perfectly comfortable for the patient.

Afterwards, the tiny pin pricks make your face look a little pink and you need to keep your face smothered with the aftercare cream for about 48 hours. Usually within a day or two all redness has vanished, so “downtime” is very minimal indeed compared with other traditional micro-needing or skin rejuvenation treatments.

Who can benefit from treatment with Secret RF?

Secret RF can be used on all skin types, including dark skin. It can be used:-

  • on all areas of the body
  • to treat the face, neck and décolletage
  • to reduce stretch marks and scars
  • to remove visible blemishes
  • to treat excessive perspiration in the armpits (“axillary hyperhidrosis”)

One of the benefits of Secret RF< is that it endures (for example, acne scarring will be permanently improved).

To give you an example, for a patient in their 50s Dr Berkowitz would typically recommend just 1 treatment a year to compensate for the natural ageing process.

Is it an instant fix?

No, but it’s a fast fix because results can be seen so quickly after treatment, and its effects can be long lasting.  The patient’s skin still needs to be in a good condition prior to treatment, through the use of good quality skin care products as well as a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  Patients at Wimpole Aesthetics have access to nutritional therapy support, to help maintain good overall skin health.

Will Secret RF work for me?

You’ll need a medical consultation, to assess your suitability for this treatment.  For an appointment with Dr Joshua Berkowitz at Wimpole Aesthetics skin rejuvenation clinic in London you can call 0207 224 2247

Why does Wimpole Aesthetics offer Secret RF?

Dr Joshua Berkowitz, founder and Clinical Director of Wimpole Aesthetics, highly rates Secret RF, saying “It’s an exciting development in anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine. I’m impressed by how versatile Secret RF can be. I can vary each treatment to match the skin problems of each patient. I like the fact that four Secret RF treatments cost the patient more or less the same as one Thermage treatment, providing a welcome affordable option for our patients to achieve impressive results using this modern advanced technology.”

skin rejuvenation using secret RF
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