Prevention is better than cure when it comes to ageing

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to ageing

We hear the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ all the time and for good reason; it’s much easier to try and halt deterioration in its tracks than try and reverse the damage when done and this holds true for ageing as well.

The difference between internal and external ageing

You may think that ageing is inevitable and that’s true but there is a difference between internal or intrinsic ageing that is the result of our tissues and organs deteriorating over time and external ageing that is the induced by environmental damage to the skin.

As well as being a protective barrier to the outside world, your skin also reflects your internal health and well being.

Ageing from the outside in

The intrinsic ageing process of the skin, influenced by hormones and genetics, can be further exacerbated by certain environmental factors known as extrinsic or external factors:


Commonly known as sun damage, this is the effect that UV radiation has on the skin. As well as being the cause of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, it is the primary cause of premature skin ageing. UV radiation damages the connective tissues between the layers of the dermis, stimulates oxidative stress and greatly decreases levels of collagen that provides the support and structure in the face.


Smoking plays havoc with skin health by stimulating oxidative stress and reducing oxygen circulation in the dermis. This often presents as dull, uneven skin tone as well as increased lines and wrinkles. Other toxins include enviromental pollution which we come into contact with on a daily basis.

So although it’s not possible to stop the ageing process entirely, you can certainly put the breaks on accelerated ageing by taking care of yourself and your skin. High factor sun protection worn at all times, targeted skincare that supports the function and health of your skin and boosting your levels of anti-oxidants with IV therapy are all important steps you should be taking now rather than later.