Is a truly natural facelift a possibility?

Is a truly natural facelift a possibility

We are delighted to announce a new treatment at Wimpole Aesthetics. Our medical director Dr Joshua Berkowitz believes strongly in staying abreast of the latest innovations in the aesthetic sector and one treatment that is receiving increasing attention for its many rejuvenating benefits is stem cell therapy.

Stem cells examined

To appreciate why stem cells are so important, it’s essential to understand exactly what they do in the body. A stem cell differentiates from other cells because it has the ability to self replicate and these essential cells are required by the body for the constantly ongoing job of repairing and renewing tissues. What’s even more exciting is that stem cells can develop into other types of cells if required, so they can become cells of the heart, bones, muscles and skin.

Stem cells and anti-ageing

Ageing changes occur to the face as a result of the natural process of decay and destruction that affect all tissues and organs of the body over time. This is compounded by the impact of sun damage and other environmental damage to the skin.

Many aesthetic procedures, including Botox and dermal fillers, are highly effective, but have the drawback of only being temporary and work by targeting a single skin concern, such as a dynamic wrinkle or loss of volume. They fail to produce a long-term skin rejuvenation that can tackle all the visible signs of ageing.

By introducing stem cells, taken from adipose fat, situated on the body, into the face they can repair and renew our damaged dermis. The result is a marked improvement in skin quality and a restoration of the youthful contours of the face, all without the need for invasive surgery and its associated risks.

Our stem cell therapy is autologous which means it uses the patient’s own cells, thereby ensuring there is no risk of developing an allergic reaction. For a truly natural rejuvenation, stem cell therapy could be the ticket.