Beauty becomes big business as more and more men opt for Botox and fillers

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Beauty becomes big business as more and more men opt for Botox and fillers

Even when times are tight, women – and now men in increasing numbers – invest in their looks and the contribution the beauty industry makes to the economy is now recognised by the UK government.

Leading market research company Mintel found that the UK’s beauty and personal care market was worth almost £17 billion in 2014 and reached new highs in 2015. One interesting trend has been the increase in popularity of the male skincare sector and we have certainly seen a rise in male patients seeking aesthetic treatments in recent years.

The aesthetic industry is largely female-facing as women are still, by and large, the main client base but a desire to appear dynamic and youthful, particularly in a competitive work environment, and the growing social acceptability of aesthetic procedures have meant more and more men are embarking on a personal grooming regime that includes Botox and fillers.

No downtime

Generally, the focus of the male markets seems to be minimally-invasive procedures with less downtime, whether that’s due to an inability to factor in a recovery period that may entail a few weeks off work or an unwillingness to reveal they have undergone an aesthetic or anti-ageing treatment.

Gender differences

The first step in treating male patients is understanding the differences in anatomy and skin behaviour, particularly in terms of ageing, between men and women. Male skin tends to be thicker than female skin and men generally have increased sebum and sweat production. Increased sebaceous gland activity is why men tend to have larger pore sizes. Male skin will also often be more sensitive to UV damage and wound healing can take longer than with the thinner skin of women.

At our London aesthetic clinic we also offer injectable treatments, such as Botox and dermal fillers, that can enhance or reverse the signs of ageing in the face. One aspect to take into account when treating men with injectables is that they skin is more highly vascularised and often bruising after a Botox or dermal filler procedure can be more marked.

An aesthetic practitioner with excellent knowledge of facial anatomy is a must; differences in bone and muscular structure of the face must be accounted for. Thicker skin combined with more prominent musculature means that men will usually develop deeper facial lines and wrinkles than women.

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