Why do we love Cosmedix and Results Rx?

Why do we love Cosmedix and Results Rx

Ah, the skin-care industry. With its buzz words like ‘peptides’ and ‘epidermal growth-complexes’, with its glossy ads and white-coated, red-lipsticked sales staff. With their big promises of reduced lines and younger, more youthful and radiant complexions. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. The three-step program that has been promising miracles since you were a pre-teen.

I have been working in this industry since I was a teenager. I had terribly frizzy hair, and sensitive, red, flushed skin, with eczema and acne from a young age. I wanted to be glossy haired and smooth skinned so badly that I literally made my career out of it. I worked with the big brands, I learned the patter, I used all the products religiously.

I learned about the ingredients from the companies and I believed. Hook line and sinker.

And boy, was I disappointed.

My skin didn’t get better. Neither did any of my clients or family members. Some actually got worse. And as the years went by, I couldn’t help but notice that all these big promises were not amounting to a pile of beans.
Sure, the creams smelled good. My skin felt better when they were on, because the products themselves were soft and smooth. After a facial, things were better for a few days or a week. So I did them on myself every week, but that is not sustainable, and over time things really did not improve, and I wanted to know why.

So I embarked on a learning mission. I wanted to know:

  1. How the skin really worked, not what I had been taught in beauty school and by the product companies. This was hard. I was young and not medically trained. I didn’t know what a peptide really was, and even when I looked up the definition, didn’t really understand what that meant in the scheme of things.
  2. How to change the skin. What do you need to put on it to make it different? Not temporarily softer and smoother, but actually work and look differently.

I started with Vitamin C, which I had been taught could ‘help the skin produce collagen’ and I went from there. This research actually resulted in me doing a degree in Nutrition, and moving over into medical aesthetics and then Functional Medicine. It was around this time that I also found out about Cosmedix products.

The first thing that attracted me to Cosmedix, was that the ingredients they used, and the ethos of the company, fit perfectly into what I had been learning about skin function and physiology. It was pure common sense to me. 1+1=2. The skin cells need certain things in order to perform their various functions, let’s provide those things, in a form that is active and usable by the cells directly. Let’s exclude ingredients that, below the surface, are silently damaging the cells, or interfering with healthy function.

When there is a problem with the body, that is manifesting itself in symptoms in the skin, let’s support the skin’s altered function and let’s also support the body to try and correct the underlying problem not just the symptoms.

I changed jobs in order to work in a practice that already stocked Cosmedix products, and then when I moved again, I accepted the job on the proviso that they agreed to bring Cosmdix on board also.
And years later, the facts are; my skin has changed, really changed, for the better. My patient’s skins change. People who start using these products love them, and stay loyal to them. Because, while it looks good on your bathroom shelf, and it feels nice when you are putting it on your face, here, finally, is a product line that keeps its promises.

The ingredients are formulated in such a way that the products can be customised to exactly meet one’s skins needs, and it can be really simple, for those who are on the soap and water end of the spectrum, or really sophisticated for those who like their face creams high-tech.
The in-clinic treatments range from very gentle to very active, but even the most gentle initiate positive change that is noticeable, and even the most aggressive are not the scary burn-your-face-off treatments that are often required for resurfacing or remodelling.

I keep an open mind when it comes to the product lines we carry. I don’t want to get stuck in a rut that keeps us from moving forwards. But the fact is, that to date, I haven’t found anything that I love, the way I love Cosmedix and its sister brand, the physician-only line Results Rx. And that is why it’s front and centre in the practice. If you’re not already using it, try it. The chances are very good you’ll be the latest in a long line of happy converts.