‘Whole Person’ patient care

At Wimpole Aesthetics our ‘whole person’ approach to patient care means our multi disciplinary team works closely together to advise on achieving and maintaining optimum skin health and nutrition.

Healthy eating plays an important part in ensuring a patient’s skin recovers fast from the more intensive skin tightening treatments, including Vaser Lipo. We like our patients to know what to eat and what foods to avoid, in order to maintain their new slimmer, more sculpted body. Some patients also benefit from clinical hypnotherapy before and/or after Vaser Lipo, to sustain healthy eating habits.

If you are considering a weight loss or fat removal treatment such as Vaser Lipo, it is now our policy to always give you the opportunity to consult our nutritional therapist and clinical hypnotherapist, if this is of interest to you.  When you book your consultation (call 0207 224 2247) simply tell our receptionist that you are interested in our Dermal Plan and Weight Loss Programmes and she will ensure the right people are on duty to be able to advise you at each stage of your consultation.