We’re going to the movies

We're going to the movies

“I like the sound of Vaser Liposelection. But what does it actually involve?”  That’s a frequent question that Dr Joshua Berkowitz answers in Consultations with his patients. Dr Joshua is a pioneer of this fat-removal procedure that uses high frequency ultrasound to break down and remove fat cells permanently.

He was one of the first cosmetic medical doctors to introduce Vaser to his patients in the UK, and trains medical staff all over the world in this minimally invasive but effective alternative to radical liposuction surgery.

Dr Joshua will soon be appearing in a feature film online, in which he explains and demonstrates the procedure. The documentary maker/presenter is the patient, and she appears in a video diary format of her whole experience, right from the very first consultation in which she asks Dr Joshua that initial question about what’s involved with Vaser, through to her charting her swift recovery and comparing her “Before” and “After” shots.

So watch this space!