The Soft Touch

Silhouette Soft Women Face

Could this be the biggest thing in aesthetics since the introduction of Botox over two decades ago? Silhouette Soft takes the concept of thread lifting and gives it a unique take, both through the design and composition of the product.

Thread lifting has been in use since the early 1990s, as aesthetic surgeons developed new techniques for lifting and reshaping the face. Unlike a surgical face or neck lift, thread lifting does not remove skin, so it is not suitable for patients with an excess of loose skin, but it is best for those patients who have seen a loss of volume in the mid-face resulting in nasolabial folds or a degree of sagging along the jawline.

Traditionally, threads with small barbs are placed under the skin and then pulled upwards, lifting the skin. Over the years, a number of different types of threads have been developed; some barbed, some smooth, with varying degrees of success and longevity.

What sets Silhouette Soft apart?

Silhouette Soft has a distinctive double whammy of lifting action and regenerating effect.

The lifting action is immediate, producing a natural and subtle lift. The Silhouette Soft uses uniquely designed cones, rather than barbs, which allow tension in the tissues to be created safely.

The sutures used are biodegradable and the body reabsorbs them over time. Made of polylactic and glycolic acids they disappear over a period of 18 to 24 months but, during that time, they stimulate collagen production so you have a rejuvenation of the appearance of the skin, to complement the lift that the sutures have engineered.

Polylactic acid has been used safely for many years in aesthetic treatments, in the form of Sculptra volumising injections. It is completely biodegradable and is used in a wide range of medical procedures.

Like Sculptra, Silhouette Soft is compatible with other aesthetic treatments, which was one of the reasons that our Medical Director at Wimpole Aesthetics Dr Joshua Berkowitz was so keen to offer it to our London clients: “This treatment can be combined with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers or Botox, to create a true non-surgical facelift, making it an important and essential part of the aesthetic doctor’s armoury.

The importance of practitioner choice

Although Silhouette Soft can produce some amazing and exciting results, Dr Berkowitz does have one warning: “However exciting these new developments in aesthetics are, it is essential to chose your practitioner wisely. In any aesthetic treatment operator skill has to be given precedence.

It doesn’t matter how fantastic and innovative a product is if it is used in the wrong hands. The first stage of the Silhouette Soft procedure is careful planning and success is based almost totally on the care and skill that is deployed at this stage.

Operator integrity is also important. When patients are contemplating embarking on a procedure they are often shown before and after photographs, belonging either to the practitioner or the product company, and they are always the very best outcome that might only be possible for a very small number of patients. It is important that patients are given realistic expectations of the results that are possible.

My experience and skill also extends to patient selection. Silhouette Soft might not be the right treatment for you and I have to choose wisely to ensure my patients are not left disappointed.