Get Ahead of the Game

Vaser Liposuction 6 pack

Although summer may be some months off, it’s time to start thinking about making changes that will mean you can face the beach and that bikini with confidence.

Feeling dissatisfied with how you look during the summer months can make you unwilling to participate in activities with friends or family. You might have tried a new diet and exercise routine, but may be finding it difficult to stay on track or you might just not be seeing the body changes you were hoping for.

What are my body reshaping options?

Conventional liposuction, though, does have a number of drawbacks which is why we offer our London body reshaping patients the VASER procedure. Using ultrasound technology to disrupt the fat cells, it means it is easier and more gentle on the patient to then remove this fat through suctioning.

Rise in men having body confidence issues

Although the media might trumpet the phrase ‘bikini body’, it’s not just women who start feeling the pressure in the run up to summer.

At Wimpole Aesthetics we are seeing more and more male patients seeking treatments that can transform their physique and with VASER, in the hands of a skilled practitioner such as Dr Josh Berkowitz, is that it is possible to sculpt and shape the body to fulfil either a very feminine or very masculine aesthetic.

Many men are keen to eradicate excess fat deposits, usually found on the stomach and chest, but at our London VASER clinic we’re also seeing a rise in male patients who are already quite fit and toned but want to achieve a marked muscle definition to the torso. For these patients, we offer VASER Hi-Def which takes body sculpting to the next level.

VASER Lipo can be used on any area of the body so if you’re interested in taut thighs, sculpting a six pack or melting away a muffin top, call 020 7224 2247 and speak to one of the team.