Five areas you never knew could look amazing after liposuction

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They may seem small and unimportant to others, but it’s those little imperfections about ourselves that can niggle and affect our confidence over time. Even after accomplishing our weight loss or fitness goals, it’s sometimes the little areas that can stick with us and become the most irritating body hang-ups of all – despite us perhaps being otherwise more or less happy with our appearance.

These small, isolated problem areas can be a pain, but in many cases they are also easily fixed with liposuction. By just targeting particular areas that won’t seem to budge after many hours at the gym, or from endless diets, lipo can help you achieve ultimate body confidence in places you’d previously given up on.

So with that in mind, here are five areas that could be improved with liposuction:

The jawline

Hard to budge double chins and early signs of jowls can prematurely age you, as well as being a bit of a downer when you’ve recently lost weight elsewhere. By slimming the jawline or underneath the chin using lipo, you will instantly appear slimmer and the procedure could even take years off your appearance.

Your torso

Even if you’re naturally slender, it’s still possible to feel self-conscious about fatty deposits around your back and upper torso, leading to bulges around your bra-line or bikini top. This can be much improved with a bit of well-targeting body contouring for more defined curves.


That spot between your calves and ankles, eloquently nicknamed ‘cankles’ for those without a defined, graceful line that usually belongs to more slender figures. Liposuction can help add more shape to this area, allowing for improved definition.

Your breasts

Many women are hesitant to request a surgical breast reduction due to potential scarring that could occur as a result. Liposuction is a scarless alternative that can sculpt your breasts by removing any excess fatty tissue, for a more subtle reshaping method. This is not for those who require a more significant reduction.

Male chest, or ‘moobs’

Men can also feel self-conscious about their chests, with many in fact suffering from gynecomastia; the development of breasts or ‘moobs’ most commonly brought on by hormonal changes related to age. Liposuction can provide a more muscular and defined look for the male chest.