Festive beauty: look your best this party season

look your best this party season

Want to shine this party season? The first step is to make sure your skin is in the best possible condition, but we all know how quickly late nights and too much booze leave us with a less-than-glowing complexion.

Here’s how we keep our London ladies – and gentlemen – looking great all festive season long:


Skin peels have been around for thousands of years and their continuing popularity is down to their effectiveness and versatility. At Wimpole Aesthetics, we can offer a course of light peels that can stimulate skin cell turnover and remove dead skin cells, to reveal healthy, glowing skin underneath, with minimal downtime so you can embrace the party season.


SPF isn’t just for the summer months; even when it’s grey outside you should be protecting your skin from the sun’s rays and environmental pollutants. Both are incredibly damaging to the skin because they release free radicals that impair the skin on a cellular level. Cutting-edge skincare brands now offer sun protection creams, such as the Cosmedix Reflect product, that as well as offering a barrier to the elements, also contains antioxidants that fight free radical damage.


If you’re puckering up for a kiss under the mistletoe, then a temporary dermal filler treatment to enhance lips that get thinner as we age is an increasingly popular aesthetic treatment. These hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can also fill lines and folds and restore the soft, rounded contours of youth and results are immediate so you can be instantly party ready.

& Hydrate

If you have had a late night, then repair the damage quickly with an intravenous drip designed to rapidly hydrate you so you’re ready to face the next day or party. IV Boost UK’s Hydration Booster IV is a cocktail of saline and electrolytes which can flush out toxins and rebalance salt levels. As well as relieving nausea and boosting energy, it also rehydrates the skin.