Exciting News… the Launch of our New Vitamin Drips

Last year we decided to include IV Therapy treatments at Wimpole Aesthetics which have been incredibly popular with our patients, whether as a general pick-me-up, a way to manage stress or enhance athletic performance or as a complementary therapy for those suffering more serious health concerns.

So, we are delighted to announce the launch of new range of vitamin drips, specially tailored to the needs of our patients and an important part of our commitment towards holistic healthcare.

Anti-Ageing Booster IV

Our medical director, Dr Josh Berkowitz, has been a leading aesthetic practitioner in the UK for many years and we firmly believe that the aesthetic treatments we offer, whether they be dermal fillers, Botox or skin peels, are all safe, proven and highly successful procedures.

Our Anti-Ageing Booster IV aims to complement these aesthetic treatments by restoring natural radiance to the skin, working from the inside out. This is achieved through a combination of powerful antioxidants and essential vitamins that boost collagen and elastin production.

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Immunity Booster IV

Whether you wish to build up your immune system after a particularly stressful or exhausting period or sail through the flu season, our Immunity Booster IV provide all the nutrients your body needs. This includes the all-powerful vitamin C and also zinc which plays an important role in boosting our immune systems.

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Diet & Detox Booster IV

The importance of detoxifying effectively has become increasingly recognised by weight loss experts as raised levels of toxicity in the body can derail even the most committed dieter. As well as lowering your toxic load, our Diet & Detox Booster IV can enhance your body’s ability to burn fat and boost your energy levels so you can throw yourself into full-on exercise.

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Chill Out Booster IV

Whether it’s the irritations of everyday life or a particularly stressful episode, we all know the impact tension can have on both body and mind. Our Chill Out Booster IV is a cocktail of vitamins and minerals that have been proven to lessen anxiety, improve mental performance and restore normal sleep patterns, meaning you can cope with anything life has to throw at you.

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Performance Booster IV

Our Performance Booster IV is ideal for enhancing athletic performance, whether you’re contemplating a marathon or a gentle jog around the park. It provides a more effective, sustainable energy boost as well as repairing muscle damage and decreasing aches and pains.

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Energy Booster IV

Often we find our stamina in short supply, so our Energy Booster IV is an effective pick-me-up, combining B vitamins that are essential for converting energy from food and magnesium that can fight fatigue and anxiety.

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To find out more about what our IV drips can do for you, call Wimpole Aesthetics on 02072242247