A New You in the New Year?

Vaser FAQS

Most of us aren’t looking to lose excessive amounts of weight, but we may have some troublesome lumps and bumps that just won’t shift however much diet and exercise we do. VASER Lipo can work for those who are looking for just a small enhancement of the hard work they’ve already done to those who want a full-body transformation.

The VASER device uses low level ultrasound pulses that are directed into the fat cells, gently breaking them up. These are then suctioned out with a cannula but, because they’ve already been liquefied, there is far less damage to the surrounding tissues, such as blood vessels, nerves, the lymphatic system and the overlying skin.

To see if VASER Lipo is the right treatment for you, we thought it might be useful to provide a round-up of some of the more questions most frequently asked in our London VASER body contouring consultations.

What’s the difference between VASER Lipo and normal liposuction?

Liposuction removes fat tissue through a process of suction. In recent years, modifications to the liposuction procedure have been made to reduce the trauma to the other tissues present, but VASER is still the standalone procedure for minimal downtime.

When will I see my VASER results?

Almost all our VASER patients will see a noticeable improvement immediately post-procedure. Although one of VASER’s major benefits over other liposuction technology is that there is far less swelling and bruising, there will still be a small amount of swelling which will take a few months to completely subside. From about the third month post-procedure you should be able to see the final results.

Collagen production is also stimulated by the VASER procedure so you should see further improvements to the quality of your skin over a period of a few months.

Can VASER tighten the skin?

There does seem to be a degree of skin contraction after a VASER procedure and it also seems to improve the appearance of the skin so it appears smoother. However, as Dr Berkowitz will explain to you in your London VASER consultation, the degree of skin tightening that occurs during your VASER procedure very much depends on the individual patient. In fact, if you have very loose skin then you may not be suitable for VASER at all, but may require a surgical procedure instead.

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